ELM Report – February 2021

February 22, 2021

December and January are spent reviewing the previous year’s outcomes and planning for 2021’s ELM year. 

2020 started off on a rocky foot as the growers were unable to plant and maintain all the product required for the ELM communities.  COVID-19 restrictions and lock downs kept staffing to a minimum.  Edgemont was quite lucky in receiving the majority of our orders.  Many of them arrived small in size but, with the tender loving care they received from Able Landscaping, they grew and blossomed beautifully. Overall, 2020 was the best ELM year yet.

We have already been advised that growers are having difficulties getting seeds because the seed farms are very short-staffed and seeds are not being collected.  The growers will experience the same conditions as 2020 in their greenhouses, working with minimum staff. This also means that local garden centres will probably be short on plant material again for 2021, so take this into consideration when you are planning your own displays! 

Edgemont’s landscaper, Able Landscaping, is working diligently with growers to make sure our community will receive the plant material we require.  This may mean changing some of the plant choices during the winter months if seeds are not available.  

Enjoy the beautiful winter displays as you walk or drive through our community!

The ELM Team