ELM Report – November 2020

November 22, 2020

Jo-Ann, Rick, Helen, Barb, Vishal, Min, Bill Kirk (ECA President) 

This newsletter is being prepared in early October, so the results of our  5 year reaffirmation vote is not known yet.  The vote takes place October 30, 2020. The results will be posted on the ECA website edgemont.ab.ca

Our 2020 season made it through the month of September with flowers still in bloom.  The plants will remain in the planters and garden beds until a frost destroys them. 

Fall clean up begins in October and you will see the Able crews out mulching leaves and pinecones with their mowers. The planters and beds will be emptied later in October so they can be prepared for winter.  Shrub beds will be pruned and some cut back to the ground to promote new, healthy growth in the spring. Many of our shrub beds are very old and neglected and rejuvenating them promotes health. This work can be done during the fall and throughout the winter months when the shrubs are in their dormant stage.

Six of our parks have been aerated along with the centre median on Edgemont Boulevard.  You may have seen the sprinkler heads being located and marked to help protect them from any damage due to aerating.  More parks and medians will be aerated in the spring.

The community seasonal displays have been planned for winter and specific planters have been prepared for receiving the displays later in November or early December. We have chosen Edenscapes Garden Services to do our displays again this year.  We are able to increase the number of displays due to reusing many of last year’s product inventory.  Unfortunately we do have to refresh the product inventory that is removed from our displays by people in the community.  The displays are for everyone to enjoy and those people who remove the display items are committing theft of public property. Anyone noticing people removing items from our displays please take pictures and license plate numbers so these acts can be reported.

Contact askleaf@edgemont.ab.ca to report any incidences.

The ELM team wishes everyone a wonderful fall season.