ELM Report – October 2020

October 22, 2020

The ELM Committee

Jo-Ann, Rick, Helen, Barb, Vishal, Min

Bill Kirk (President of the ECA)

Fall has arrived and the ELM team is concentrating on removing the plant materials from the planters and garden beds in preparation for winter.  Designated planters will be prepared and marked to accept some seasonal displays.

We are happy to announce that Edgemont is still in the top 10 best communities to live in according to the Avenue Magazine annual survey!  Green space topped the list in the survey results as a highly important factor.  ELM maintains and enhances the green spaces for our residents to enjoy. We certainly hope that the efforts ELM puts into maintaining and enhancing our green spaces adds to our success as a community.

The main focus for the ELM team this fall will be the ELM 5 year reaffirmation vote.  Homeowners in Edgemont must vote to confirm ongoing support for the tax levy and continuing the maintenance and enhancements of the community of Edgemont.

It is important that all homeowners become familiar with the program information and understand some of the changes that were made to the Parks Department green space maintenance. You can find the information on the ECA website under the ELM 5 year reaffirmation vote and we also encourage you to go to the City of Calgary web site

calgary.ca/csps/parks/programs/enhanced-landscape-maintenance. These sites will explain what is involved with a Yes vote and the same with a NO vote. Questions may be directed to askleaf@edgemont.ab.ca


Only homeowners may cast a vote to confirm support for the program.  You must provide proof of property ownership by providing a copy of your property tax bill or your property Assessment notice and also provide a government issued photo identification. The address on your government ID must match the address on your property tax bill/assessment.  Only one person per household may vote and your name must appear on the property tax bill and the address on your government ID must match the address on the tax bill.  

The Edgemont Community Centre started a gradual opening in July according to the Covid-19 rules and restrictions set out by AHS and the City of Calgary. A mask is required upon entering the ECC. A walk-through vote will take place at the Edgemont Community Centre on Friday October 30, 2020. Edgemont School has use of the facility during the school week and, to limit the number of people in the building at a particular time, we are holding the vote on a PD day. We have scheduled an alternate PD day in case there are new Covid-19 restrictions/concerns. The alternate vote date will be Friday November 20, 2020.

Please keep checking the ECA ELM web site for up-to-date information on Date and times for the vote.  Updates will be placed on the ECA web site.  There will also be information on the ECC bulletin board, on sandwich boards outside the ECC building and through social media. Bold signs will be placed in the community about 2 weeks before the vote.

It is the Edgemont Community Association’s strong recommendation that the ELM program be approved in order to ensure the quality of life and safety our community is known for and to protect the risk of dropping property values due to un-kept green spaces, medians and boulevards.

We look forward to seeing you at the vote.