ELM Report – September 2020

September 22, 2020

It is the end of July and we are preparing the September newsletter.  June and July seemed to be a repeat of last year’s weather pattern: record rainfall, cloudy skies, cool days and evenings and not enough sun or heat to promote much growth or blooms.  As we start to get warmer weather late in July we see a fast improvement in growth and blooms in all of our planters and garden beds.

Edgemont, like all the other communities in Calgary, has been affected by Covid-19 restrictions.  We have to extend many thanks to our contractor, Able Landscaping, for persevering with working longer hours with reduced staff to maintain Edgemont’s maintenance and enhancements.  Edgemont suffered along with all the other communities with long grass and tall weeds as a consequence of all of the rain we received.  We have also had more hail this year as well.

The ELM team and contractor start planning for the seasonal displays in late July as much of the plantings have to be ordered in August for delivery in Nov/Dec. for display preparations.

September and October is when the ELM team and contractor start planning for 2021. Plant orders go into the growers by Dec so they can order the seeds required to grow the plants over the winter.

October is a safe time to start pruning and cutting back shrubs and bushes as they are in their dormant stage.  This helps rejuvenate the old shrubs to promote new healthy growth.


The Edgemont Community Association supports the Enhanced Landscape Maintenance Program (ELM) and would like to continue the program in order to maintain keeping our community safe, desirable, and livable.  The City requires that all ELM programs hold a vote every 5 years to reevaluate ongoing support for the program.  This vote will take place later in October (date will be announced as the ECC proceeds with the opening of the building) Homeowners will be asked to attend and provide validation of their property ownership (property tax assessment) and a government issued photo ID.  There will be one vote per household.  The ID you provide must match your address on the property tax assessment form.  

It is the Association’s strong recommendation that the ELM program be approved in order to ensure the quality of life and safety and protect against the risk of dropping property values due to un-kept green spaces, boulevards and medians.

Everything you need to know about the program and the voting process is on the ECA web site under the ELM section.  Please take time to read all the articles. Questions can be directed to askleaf@edgemont.ab.ca