Sneak Peak for ELM

June 10, 2021

Here’s a look at whats waiting to be planted!

The planting of our planters and beds began on June the 7th, after one week most of the planters are done and the beds will become the focus of activity. Covid restrictions for work crews limit crew size so planting takes longer, this happened last year as well. The water trucks are keeping the plants healthy and the mowers are buzzing through the community. Our contractor, Able does not start mowing in Edgemont before 8:30 AM so if you hear an mower early it is a home owner or a contractor for the city or CBE, report it to 311 and the culprit will be identified and reminded that no mowing is allowed before 7 AM.

We are lucky that during this pandemic our contractors have been able to source enough annuals to fill all our spaces. The pandemic has resulted in the shut down of some commercial greenhouses and less production from the remaining. As a result there is less selection available and plants are smaller. We had hoped to start transitioning to perennials in our beds but the selection for those is even worse than for annuals. When the pandemic is over we certainly expect to be able to return to having easy access to a greater selection of plants and larger sizes.

In the meantime if the weather cooperates and we avoid more snow or hail I expect the plants to thrive and bush up and give us lovely planters for the summer. We need to give the planters a little bit of time, the plants in them are struggling a bit due to weather, also they have just been planted so we also are dealing with transplant shock.

For any questions contact askelm@edgemont.ab.ca