August 2023 ELM Report

July 5, 2023

ELM REPORT – August 2023               


Absolutely stunning! I am talking about the summer displays in the flowerbeds and planters! Despite the majority of plants being planted in very hot, windy, and dry conditions, most of the plants have recovered very well. The pots are like gobstoppers with different kinds of flowers starting to bloom every time you look, making for a very bright and interesting sight. A big thank you to Foothills Landscaping for doing a great job their first year in our big Edgemont community.

Perennials donated by Edgemont residents are mixing splendidly with the annuals in the flower beds. Given the huge success of this venture, we would very much welcome donations of perennials in 2024. If you are planning to split perennials next spring and are considering donating them to the community, please contact us anytime at [email protected]. Have your plants dug up, and ready for pick up the last week of May 2024, so they can be planted just before the annuals arrive early June.

Flowers in the parks and pots are for everybody to look at not to make bouquets with for your home. If you see anybody taking flowers from the pots or flower beds, please let us know right away and take pictures of any culprits if possible.

Although technically not an ELM project, a group of volunteers worked the hard soil in the old juniper flowerbeds at the ECA building to plant grasses, shrubs, and perennials the weekend of June 17th. Rick subsequently put mulch on the areas with very nice and professional results.  Thank you to all volunteers!

The naturalization pilot project of the steep slope near the Fire Hall is edging a little closer to becoming reality. Considered a good candidate for a pilot naturalization project by the city ecologist, the plan is to propose the Edgemont Firehall slope as one of the city’s pilot naturalization projects for 2024. We hope to have updates on this subject early 2024.

Regarding potential tree planting for this year in our community, we have not heard from the city’s Forestry Department regarding potential plans of tree planting this year. This late in the season, it is unlikely that the city will still plant any trees in Edgemont in 2023.

We have requested help from the city in addressing the thistle issue in EDG119, the park near the parking area off Edgebrook Boulevard. Weed killers can only be applied by the city and we may have to be patient for when the city can address this area. Pocket gopher issues create havoc for the mowers on the Disk Golf Course and this is another scenario that the city deals with for us.

In addition to their routine tasks, Foothills will focus on catching up on the 2022 projects that were not completed last year, such as tree well clean-up, pruning, aerating, fertilizing where required.  

Any concerns or questions regarding maintenance and who should do what, city or ELM, please contact us at and we would be very happy to respond to your concerns.


Kathleen Stewart, Rick Wierzbicki, Shari Pitka