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Invest in your neighborhood and become a part of Edgemont’s vibrant community by joining the Edgemont Community Association (ECA). Your membership will help fund community building programs and activities, support under-served residents, and enable the continued existence of our community hub.

As a member, you will be the first to hear about a wide range of activities and programs, such as community events like seasonal markets and celebrations. You’ll also benefit from discounts at local businesses and the chance to participate in exclusive community initiatives like gardening projects and family fun days

Why you should become a member:

  • Protect your investment: For many families, their home is their biggest investment. The ECA contributes to increasing property values by ensuring the upkeep of shared spaces and enforcing standards that preserve the attractiveness of the neighbourhood. Investing in a membership helps the ECA continue to make Edgemont one of the top communities in Calgary to call home.
  • Be heard: You have a say in community decisions and can participate in discussions that affect your neighbourhood. The ECA is an avenue for input to the city to influence what our community looks like regarding schools, enhanced landscaping, cell towers, and more.
  • Belonging and connection: Membership in a community association allows you to actively engage with your neighbours and participate in community.
  • A sense of pride in your community: The ECA undertakes community projects like beautification efforts, environmental initiatives, or charitable activities that members can get involved in.
  • It’s fun: Participate in athletic, family, and artistic programs and services for youth, families, and seniors of all cultures and backgrounds.
  • Safety and security: The ECA works to enhance neighbourhood safety by implementing security measures, neighbourhood watch programs, and maintaining common areas.
  • Networking and socializing: Membership can provide opportunities to network with fellow residents, which can be particularly beneficial for business purposes, and newcomers to the area.
  • Access to community facilities: Access to shared resources such as the Edgemont Community Centre, disk golf course, green spaces, and the rink/basketball course.
  • Access to information: The ECA serves as a central hub for community information, keeping members informed about local news, events, and developments. Members are the first to know about upcoming events and activities.
  • Voting rights: The ability to be elected to the Board at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership fees are affordable, with regular memberships at $35 per year and seniors at $20 per year. Becoming a member is the best way to contribute to Edgemont’s growth and support a thriving community.

To sign up, you can register and pay online or call the Community Centre office at 403-239-1211 to use your VISA or MasterCard. Invest in your community and join the ECA today!

Become a Member Today
Renew Your Membership