Governance of an Association is dictated by its ‘Enabling Legislation’ and, in the case of the ECA, the Legislation is the Societies Act of Alberta. From the Act are derived the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures that govern and guide the conduct of the Association. Under the Act, the ECA Board is installed to conduct all business of the Association that does not require the authorization of the members in a General Meeting.

Structured under the Societies Act of Alberta, the ECA Bylaws (Section 5.1 Governance and Management of the Association) are paraphrased here to state:

‘the Board functions as an “Administrative Governance Board”; which means the Association’s business is managed by the Board but it may assign duties to paid employee(s). Additionally, each Director is required to assume specific responsibilities because collectively, Directors actively manage the affairs of the Association both as the Board and as members of Committees.’

2023 ECA AGM minutes

ECA AGM 2024 poster and agenda

Bylaws 2022 Final

Board Meetings 

All Board meetings will be held at ECC at 7 pm unless otherwise specified. Dates are subject to change.


June 15 (Thursday Orientation)
Monday June 19
Tuesday August 22
Tuesday September 19
Tuesday October 24
Tuesday November 21
Tuesday January 23
Tuesday February 27
Wednesday May 15
Tuesday March 19
Tuesday April 23
Tuesday May 22
Tuesday June 18

No meetings are scheduled for July or December. In the event that there are pressing items we can schedule a Zoom meeting. We will need to schedule a strategic planning session some time in the fall. Generally, our AGM is held the third week of May. In addition, the Board must review and approve the audited statements at the April meeting. If the statements are not available, we will need to make some changes in our meeting calendar.

Volunteer Board of Directors

Pamela WilsonPresidentEmail
Barb Elms Vice PresidentEmail
Shaffic FazilTreasurerEmail
Jeff CoombesDirectorEmail
Kathleen StewartDirectorEmail
Tina ChenDirectorEmail
Aurora WenDirectorEmail
Rick WierzbickiDirectorEmail