August 2024 President’s Message

July 4, 2024

President’s Message – August 2024

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to all the volunteers who stepped up to help with our summer programs. Thanks to all who attended the Nordic Rodeo and the Pancake Breakfast. Thanks to all who welcomed forty new Canadians at the Citizenship Ceremony. We had a perfect day for these activities.

I want to address the requirement to register for the Pancake Breakfast. We had several people appear who had not pre-registered. This led to raised voices and an angry tone. Remember, we are volunteers, and no one is getting paid to be on the receiving end of that. We did our very best to accommodate so no one would be disappointed. However, ECA is not a large organization, and we need the discipline of pre-registration, so we know how many supplies to have on hand. Unfortunately, we don’t have deep pockets or large reserves like the hosts of other breakfasts. I’m thinking particularly of the malls where you can just show up and most often, you’ll be treated to pancakes. ECA just isn’t in that category. We will be requiring pre-registration for most of the activities we sponsor. It’s easy. There is always a link in the ECA website, and reminders are included in all our messaging.

Farm Stand YYC continues through to the fall. Visit on Thursdays from 3:30pm-7pm for fresh produce. On the third Thursday of the month, you can treat yourself (and your family) to nourishment from the food trucks. My favourite is still the bear balls – I’m not sure they will be at the top of the nourishing foods’ list but they are absolutely delicious.

Soon you will see an artist starting work on one of the green electrical boxes in Edgemont. Thanks to the City of Calgary and Barb who did the work on the grant application, we have been chosen to participate in this program. Barb has met with the artist and once the design gets approval, work will begin. This is just another way to keep our community interesting.

If you’ve visited the community centre recently, you may have noticed that we have the names of our exceptional volunteers scribed next to the mural. This year, the community has chosen to honour Elaine Scobie and Rick Wierzbicki. Both Elaine and Rick have devoted time and energy to support ECA and the centre since Edgemont first became a community. Their accomplishments are many and I can’t imagine the number of volunteer hours they have, and still do, contribute.

We have a Sports Swap coming up on September 14. Start planning now. Tables are $5 each and entry to the event is free although a donation to either Breakfast Club or the Food Bank is encouraged. Gently used sports gear or dance equipment are welcome. Often used equipment is “almost new” and the price point enables more children to get involved. Registration is at www.edgemont.getcommunal.com .

Breakfast Club will start up again in September. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Barb at [email protected]

We continue to recruit casino volunteers. Casino funds contribute about $75,000 to our revenue streams. Without these funds, there are many, many activities that we could not do. Although there are some restrictions on how the funds may be used, we have generally been able to work within them as we undertake programs and building maintenance. Casino dates are October 31, and November 1. It takes at least forty volunteers to manage the casinos. If you are able, please step up by emailing Tina at [email protected]. It can be a fun evening and you get to meet others in the neighbourhood. Tina will be able to tell you which shifts need to be filled. See you there!

Pamela Wilson