Community Builders – Part 4

November 22, 2020

This is the fourth and last in our series of articles to thank the recipients of our 2020 Volunteer Appreciation awards. These three people sit on the ECA Board of Directors and consistently go the extra mile.

Elaine Scobie

Elaine believes Community is about giving people a place and providing opportunities to belong while offering programs to support.   Along with her husband Rick, she is one of the founding champions of our Edgemont community having been actively involved in the Community Centre and Edgemont School planning and development from the very beginning.  She is the innovator of the annual One World Celebration, helping others feel valued by recognizing our community’s diversity of cultures and backgrounds.  She is a valued member of the Edgemont Networking Group (ENG) and spends many an hour composing emails and working on projects late into the night.  Elaine has been involved on the Board for a number years and has even taken on the role of President.  She currently serves on the Board as your First Vice President and is a member of several committees, including Human Resources and the Building Admin Committee (BAC), working with our long-term renters to return to using the community centre.  

Rick Wierzbicki

Rick is our community “Rink Master”.  He was actively involved in the construction of the original rink and field house and then on the update of both. He continues to maintain the rink, making ice and clearing away snow with the rink team for your skating and hockey-playing pleasure.  He is a “Jack of all trades” and just likes to do stuff, making sure the Community Centre is in shape.  From watering plants, mending fences, picking up garbage to walking the community centre roof top, checking for leaks.  It’s due to these selfless good deeds that he was a recipient of the Federation of Calgary Communities Step Up Award, which celebrates those to Step Up in the community without being asked and who go above and beyond without the need for recognition.  Rick was the community leader for the Parkland Native Species project, working with Dr. Rich Revel and a crew of volunteers.  Along with his wife Elaine, he is a long-time champion of the Edgemont community, active in the planning and development of the Community Centre from the onset.   He has served on the board in the past in various roles and currently serves as a Director.  He sits on a number of committees including ELM and Building Admin Committee, helping to develop policies and procedures to keep us all safe in the reopening of our building during COVID-19.

Jo-Ann Wither

Jo-Ann is Edgemont’s “Flower Lady”, having led and coordinated our Enhanced Landscape Maintenance (ELM) program for the past 5 years.  Before that she was part of the petition team to bring what was then called the LEAF program to Edgemont. She puts in countless hours working with the City and our ELM contractors to help make our community look beautiful and welcoming.  She currently sits on the ECA Board.