Disc Golf Report

Disc Golf Report

November 21, 2023

Disc Golf Report: Oct 24 2023

Rick Wierzbicki, Disc Golf Committee Chair

The disc golf course has been completed with the addition of nine throwing pads. Landscaping is also done. Parks will likely have to do some remedial landscaping work next spring, but the course is now a city asset for the community.

With the aid of the City Parks Department and several donations of construction crews from them, the project came in on budget. There are some remaining supplies in our possession, a spare main course sign, spare signs for each hole, two spare catcher assemblies, and twenty discs for door prizes for our grand opening tournament. These spare materials, other than the discs, will be turned over to the city parks department to use to maintain the site.

This course represents the first new sporting amenity in the community in several years. Its creation is due to the hard work and leadership of Brett Plaizier, a former ECA board member and still member of the disc golf committee which oversaw the project.

I would like to recognize the committee members, Stephanie Luk, James Koizumi, Matt Sticksl, Bruce James, and Brett, who negotiated the process to have the facility developed. I would also like to thank the ECA, the City of Calgary, the Parks department, Calgary Foundation, Parks Foundation, for their financial support and guidance. I would also like to thank the Calgary Disc Golf Club for their guidance in course design and operations.

In the spring we will have a fun community tournament and grand opening. Keep your eyes open for the notice.