ELM Report – April 2021

April 23, 2021

Jo-Ann, Rick, Barb, Kathleen, Vishal, Min

April brings the first signs of spring and gets our hopes up for beautiful warmer weather for outdoor work and exercise. For ELM, this is the start of Edgemont’s community clean up – all weather-dependent, of course.  The seasonal displays will be dismantled as soon as the planters defrost enough to retrieve all the items we reuse and recycle.

Once the displays are removed, our landscaper will start preparing the planters and garden beds for our summer displays.  The new aggregate planters for Edgevalley Drive at Edgemont Blvd. will be replacing the warped self-watering planters.  The cost for these planters was recovered by a credit from the original company that sold us the self -watering planters.

The ELM financial information has gone to the auditor and we are hoping to have the results back late in March or early April.  The financial information can be posted after the audit is completed. We will post it on the new web site the ECA hopefully will have up and running by April. You can also see the results in the ECA financial report that will be posted for the virtual Annual General Meeting being held May 12, 2021.

As the ECA ELM Director, I would like to say that I have had an amazing 6 years helping to build the program in our community of Edgemont.  As stated when we started the program, it would take 5 years of operations after the successful petition to get it totally established and that has come to fruition. The 5-year reaffirmation vote was a great success and that has given the ELM committee the positive reinforcement they need to continue the program with high quality and successful direction.  It is time to start building on long term investments.  Annuals will be replaced by more perennials and more of our green spaces will receive more frequent aeration, fertilization, top dressing and over-seeding. 

As required by the ECA bylaws, I will be stepping down from my position as ELM Board Director at the May Annual General Meeting as I will be completing my third two-year term. You will have read that the ECA has hired a new ELM Program Coordinator (Shari Pitka) and the ECA ELM committee will be selecting a new Board ELM Director to replace me.  I wish them all Good Luck! 

I must thank all the residents who have shared their comments, concerns, suggestions and compliments which were a great help in planning our program each year. Please feel free to contact us through askelm@edgemont.ab.ca  Your opinions are appreciated. 

The ELM Committee would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.