ELM Report February 2024

January 5, 2024

ELM REPORT – FEBRUARY 2024 NEWSLETTER                 

Despite the unseasonably mild temperatures to date, the winter displays arranged by Edenscapes appear to be standing up very well. As indicated in prior newsletters, the focus this year has been on using more spruce and decorations in the hope that the displays will withstand the test of this El Nino winter. Decorations will be re-used in the years to come, so please take pictures of violations, and report any issues to [email protected] right away.

At this point there is not a lot of news to report as trees and gardens are in a well-deserved dormant stage right now. However, there are quite a few things as gardeners to start thinking about and the city website offers several interesting ideas to have a look at. There are free YardSmart how-to videos and YardSmart plant guides available on the city website. Are you re(designing) your yard for native plants, or did you move to a house with a sunny (or shady) yard? Then you may find some helpful ideas in the free articles and videos offered by the city on their website. In 2023, the city also offered some online courses together with the Calgary Horticultural Society on designing your yard; it is not clear if that will be the case this year.  Courses (some online) are offered through the Calgary Horticultural Society as well; however, you will have to be a member of the Calgary Horticultural Society. We suggest that you keep looking for updates on free workshops related to gardening on the city website. Furthermore, the gardening guides are offered in several languages! Here is a general link and you can browse further from there: https://www.calgary.ca/water/programs/yardsmart.html

As in previous years, the city will offer the Green Cart compost giveaway starting in April. You are required to book an appointment through the city website if you would like to take advantage of this. Since this is a very popular program, check the city website regularly and book as soon as possible.https://www.calgary.ca/waste/residential/green-cart-compost-giveaway.html

A quick reminder that if you have any perennials to donate in spring, please contact us as soon as possible using the email address below, so our ELM coordinator can take your most appreciated donation into account when planning for next summer: [email protected]

Any concerns or questions regarding ELM, please contact us using the above email address and we will be very happy to respond to your concerns.

Kathleen Stewart, Rick Wierzbicki, Shari Pitka