ELM Report for Newletter

August 30, 2022

ELM Lot Levy Increasing for 2023
The ELM program is supported by a lot levy on all Edgemont homes. The current levy of $84.00 has been
the same since program inception seven years ago. Unfortunately, with the inflation we have seen
recently. the operating costs have gone up and the levy needs to be increased. The levy will go up by 3%
which will result in a new levy of $86.52 for 2023 and going forward.
We hope the levy increase will help us address the inflationary pressures on our program. The money
raised is all spent in the community for extra maintenance, irrigation, flowers in pots and beds, and
winter displays.
The ELM program has had another successful year despite the cold and wet spring followed by the heat
of the summer. The pots and beds held up very well and we hope summer extends so we can keep the
colours for a while longer. The ELM team has met and planned out the flower displays for next summer
so the plants can be ordered shortly and grown in a nursery before next spring.
We had the good fortune of being given a dozen native perennials by Joe Kruger and Jeanette Dasko, we
will plant these robust plants in some of our flower beds this fall. Donations of perennials from splitting
overgrown plants is a great way to enhance our flower beds and stretch ELM dollars.
Our consultant, Shari Pitka, has written an article on fall gardening tasks. It is hopefully in this newsletter
and is online on our website. Look for it, she has a lot of good tips for putting a garden to bed for the

Rick Wierzbicki, Kathleen Stewart, Shari Pitka