ELM Report July 2024

June 4, 2024


A lot of good news to report on this month! Naturally, we are all thrilled to see some weather that is more normal for this time of year. It certainly was an improvement over last year when the first day of planting of annuals in the community required Foothills staff to wear toques whereas subsequent planting days saw soaring temperatures. Hopefully the weather this year will give our annuals the right environment to recover from the shock of being transplanted! At this point, many planters have been populated and planting of the flower beds is in full swing! Sadly, some people have already helped themselves to flowers from the planters and we truly rely on the help of Edgemont residents to prevent pilferage of the flowers that are for the entire community to look at and enjoy. Please take pictures of people who are assuming that they can dig up our community flowers. WE DO NEED YOUR HELP and are asking you to email [email protected]  should you see anyone removing flowers. It’s time to stop people from stealing our plants!

Planting of our annuals was the first good news item! In addition, the EDG119 flower bed on the corner of Edgebrook Boulevard and Edgeridge View was reshaped in May and is now ready for a pop of colour in the form of annual flowers!

The next bit of news is what communities like ours are all about: a group of volunteers from Tom Baines Junior High School will help weed the natural hillside area near the Edgemont Community Association at the end of June. This is the area that we are planning to replant in the fall with native plants and grasses in collaboration with the city of Calgary. Representatives of the city of Calgary will be present to supervise and guide the student volunteer event and they will be providing tools, gloves and so on. We are very grateful for the help of the students and the city of Calgary. Should you be able to help keep this area weed free until we are ready to plant in the fall, please contact our ELM coordinator, Shari Pitka at [email protected]

Any concerns or questions regarding ELM, please contact us using the above email address and we will be very happy to respond to your concerns.

Kathleen Stewart, Rick Wierzbicki, Shari Pitka