February 2023 President’s Message

May 31, 2023

President’s Message – February


As the days start to get noticeably longer and some of us have had the “lift” of a warm winter vacation, we become more optimistic about what’s next. January ended with the official unveiling of our Volunteer Recognition Mural in the Edgemont Community Centre. If you haven’t seen it, please drop by. Our first two inductees to be recognized are Linda Connolly and Lois Uptigrove. Both these ladies gave from the heart to our community. Unfortunately, both have passed away, but their legacy will live on. We were privileged to have a ceremony and supper in their honor. What a wonderful example of the selflessness of volunteerism!

The Edgemont Community Association will be hosting its Frost Fest. This is a family event that includes skating, ice bocce, ski races, hot chocolate, and music. Activities should be fun for all. If you would like to volunteer, give Jeff Edwards or the ECC office a call. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather on February 20. Additional details will be posted on the website as they are finalized.

As we push forward to March, we dig down for that little bit of Irishness in all of us so we can put the twinkle in St. Patrick’s Day. The Program Committee is working on an Irish themed celebration complete with music, pub quizzes and who knows what else. Could there be green beer? A leprechaun? A pot of gold?

The most optimistic among us are already looking over their seed catalogues. When you see the pictures of lush flowers and healthy vegetables, it gets the adrenaline pumping for what we could do in our own gardens. Shari Pitka, our ELM Coordinator, will be hosting a session on how to get your garden ready for planting in the spring. Shari is a horticultural specialist who is prepared to share her tips and tricks with Edgemont residents. A successful growing season starts with proper preparation and the knowledge of which plants are suited for the “Edgemont” climate. Watch for more information on this event which is tentatively scheduled for the beginning of April.

In closing, I’d like to make a pitch to those romantics who are planning a Valentine’s Day celebration. Please support your local businesses and restaurants. They keep our community interesting and vibrant and continue to need your support.


Pamela Wilson