How to be a Good Neighbour

June 8, 2023

How to be a good neighbor!

Have you ever seen your neighbor struggle with taking in groceries and offered to help? This small deed may just make a person’s day and contribute to a better community. There’s so many small acts like this that can make someone’s day so much better, contribute to a better community, and make yourself feel a little bit better. We live in Calgary, a snowy cold city where shoveling takes up just about 20% of your lifespan, if you have senior/elderly neighbors offer to give a helping hand to clear their driveway/walkway. Be a snow angel! Pick up your pet’s waste; leaving pet waste lying around not only doesn’t look so pretty, but it can also cause parasites, bacteria, and other diseases in other people’s pets, especially young animals like puppies. If you have a pet in your home, you should be especially mindful of others, not only for their safety but for your pet’s safety too. If your pet is outside in the backyard, keep your gates locked to avoid your pet escaping. Another easy way to be a good neighbor is to keep your yard maintained. Everyone wants our community to look beautiful and you can help play a part in that by mowing your lawn and keeping your yard maintenance up to date. Get to know your neighbor; Introduce yourself! Get to know your neighbors and who lives there. Let your neighbors know if you’re going to be away for extended periods so that they can keep an eye out to make sure the house looks all good and safe. Recognize noise levels; whether you like hosting large gatherings or renovating your house, be aware of the noise levels during certain hours of the day, late at night or early in the morning. Keep your noise levels down during the early morning hours and after dinnertime. If you’re throwing an evening party at your home, it’s courteous to let your neighbors know in case it runs late into the night.

An easy way to be a good neighbor is to help clean up the community whenever you can. Shovel snow off the sidewalks, remove leaves off yards or collect unwanted litter