May 2024 EYP Article

April 9, 2024

The Power of Simple Art: Origami

By Franklin Y., a volunteer with the Edgemont Youth Press

Origami is a form of Japanese paper folding which uses a single piece of plain or patterned paper, without glue or any other adhesive, to create art, including elaborate, complicated structures. Origami is a practice that aims to create beautiful designs ranging from simple frogs or cranes all the way to detailed dragons and other complex shapes. It requires patience, hand-eye coordination, and precision.

Learning and practicing origami hold many positive benefits in your life. Firstly, practicing origami can increase one’s hand-eye coordination and precision. Origami is a craft based on both these skills, so exercising your ability to do so is highly beneficial. Secondly, origami can be used a tool to improve your mental health. Practicing repetitive and calming motions, such as the folds found in origami, promotes calmness and mindfulness, while helping you calm down and destress from the busyness of life. Finally, if you want to just learn more about Japanese culture or traditions, origami is a great way to do so and explore. Learning about another’s culture can be both delightful and eye opening, encouraging the development of empathy and understanding.

Overall, origami is a great and easy habit to start. Not only can it help develop or improve your motor skills but doing it every day can serve as a mental break, or as a moment to refocus. Origami also is a great way to learn more about the beauty of Japanese culture.