Trespassing on the Roof

Trespassing on the Roof

September 28, 2023

Attention Edgemont Residents

Trespassing and Vandalism on Edgemont Community Centre Rooftop

From time to time we have noticed that people have been climbing up onto our community centre roof. This is always dangerous, and we are continually trying to prevent this. Sometime over the last week or so there has been damage to our Heating Units and some of our vents and fans. Interference with air circulation and venting can create a serious risk to building users. As well, repairs can be expensive, particularly to our HVAC units, but also to our roofing. Damage to the roofing can allow moisture incursion into the building, which brings further risks to building users and materials.

As mentioned, we are in an ongoing battle to prevent roof trespass; one day we caught some young teens with a ladder to gain access. You can help! I would ask that parents speak to their children and advise them that it is unsafe to climb up on the roof, there are sharp points, and significant risk of falls, there are active commercial heating units up there and gas and electric lines; this is not a safe place to play or hang out. There is a real risk of personal injury. There is also a strong probability that if caught, they will be charged. Our staff calls the police when they become aware of people on the roof.

If you see anyone up on the roof in the evening / at night, please let our staff know if the building is open. If the building is not open please call 911 and report the trespass. The risks of injury to trespassers and damage to ECA or School property are significant.

We have also had vandalism at the rink, with lights, outlets, door and eaves-trough damage. Again, calling police helps, but even making your presence known by driving through the parking lot can discourage this behaviour. Do not take personal risk, but your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Rick Wierzbicki, ECA Board