Community Builders – Part 1

February 22, 2021

By Connie Boucher, ECA Director

As mentioned in the President’s Message, Edgemont is blessed with many volunteers who offer their selfless and countless hours of support and dedication to our community.  Over the next few Inside Edgemont issues, we will highlight the contributions of the 20 recipients of our Volunteer Appreciation Night. 

Lois Uptigrove 

Lois is a “Community Warrior”.  She has been Edgemont’s Volunteer Coordinator along with Jeff Edwards longer than anyone can remember, committing her time and energy engaging and supporting others in our community.  She is a valued member of the Edgemont Networking Group (ENG) and champions Edgemont’s annual Christmas Hamper Drive along with Jeff Edwards.   Among other endeavors, her most recent project has been the coordination of The Good Food Box Program and she has singlehandedly led the Hampers on Hand initiative helping those most challenged by the events of COVID.  Of particular mention also goes to her commitment to Serve Day and managing and coordinating our Community Clean-Up volunteers. 

Jeff Edwards

Jeff is the Pastor of the North West Community Church and, along with Lois, has been our Volunteer Coordinator for as long as anyone can remember. He works together wth Lois to coordinate our annual Christmas Hamper Drive.  Jeff is a leader for Serve Day and the Men’s Breakfast Group.  He is always willing to lend a hand and to support  those in need of counselling and guidance.  If you need anything moved or cleaned, if you need a sound system or someone who knows how to work one, if you need an Emcee, or if you just need a hug and a smile, Jeff’s the one to call.

Barb Elms

Barb is another Edgemont “Community Warrior”.   Her particular super power is connecting resources to where they are needed.  She is not just a liaison but a “Mama Bear” to many, always caring and willing to lend a hand and a trusted go to and friendly face.  Barb organizes and coordinates the Breakfast Club supporting food security in our community and her most recent act of kindness and generosity has been offering her garage as a “depot” for the Good Food Box program while community centre had to close due to COVID.  She also volunteers her time as President of the Calgary Active Habit Association and has been involved in Ski Jumping Canada for many years in a number of roles and is a carded athlete in Ski Jumping.  Barb was involved in advocating to get Tom Baines built and in sourcing equipment and materials. CBE even ended up assigning part of a warehouse for all the things she got donated.

Deirdre Harris

Deirdre is the Leader of Edgemont Networking Group (ENG) and a champion in building a way for people to connect and feel part of the community.  She is the liaison between Westminster Presbyterian Church & the ECA.

Keith McLeod

Keith is a longtime resident of Edgemont and serves as community representative on a number of Board committees. He generously shares a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, particularly in the areas of Governance and HR. His most recent contributions have included helping select a new website company and reviewing and updating Board bylaws.  We value his insight and knowledge.  He also knows where the bobcats live, but he’s not telling…