December ELM Report

November 21, 2023

ELM REPORT – December 2023

What a fabulous fall we have had! Despite the level 1 water restrictions, the planters and flower beds in Edgemont continued to look spectacular until the flowers were removed, just before our first snow fall around October 18th which is the latest, we ever pulled the flowers! Our first “flower picking” event, the day before removal of the annuals, was highly appreciated by Edgemont residents based on all the positive feedback we received via email! Very best of luck to all of you who are going to try their green thumb at cultivating geranium cuttings this winter. Thank you to Foothills and to our ELM coordinator, Shari Pitka, for ensuring that our community looked beautiful through the summer and fall. Did you realize that you can barely buy a coffee every week for what you pay as a special tax levy for landscaping maintenance and all the beautiful flowers and winter displays? And again, this special levy will stay the same for 2024!

Edenscapes has already planted a few small spruces in some of the rectangular planters throughout the community. Weather dependent, presumably towards the end of November or early December, you will see winter displays populating planters along major routes throughout Edgemont, so not a long wait at all!  As mentioned before, the winter displays this year may look a little different in the hope that they will look their best longer into the winter season. 

Plans for next summer include a revamp of the flower bed off Edgebrook Boulevard and Edgeridge View NW, utilizing some of the perennials donated to ELM by residents. A quick reminder that if you have any perennials to donate in spring, please contact us as soon as possible using the email address below, so our ELM coordinator can take your most appreciated donation into account when planning for next summer:

[email protected]

Any concerns or questions regarding ELM, please contact us using the above email address and we will be very happy to respond to your concerns.

Kathleen Stewart, Rick Wierzbicki, Shari Pitka