Edgemont School Update Feb 2020

February 22, 2020

The first few months of 2020 have been busy at Edgemont. Through January and February students have been engaged in a variety of artist-in-residency opportunities including felting, photography and dance. These experiences help to make the long cold winter weeks engaging and memorable. As we approach March we are thankful for the signs of spring we see in our community and a return to more regular time spent outdoors. Throughout the year Edgemont School students “learn-on-the-land” and are inspired by the lessons our natural environment offers; however there is no denying the power of spring to renew our energy and spirit!

Later this month we look forward to meeting with parents to discuss student growth during our Student Learning Conferences. Achievement information shared in March is different from that shared in report cards. In January and June, teachers report student achievement in reference to the Alberta Program of Study, while conferences held in March are much more personalized. The focus of March conferences is to look closely at the individual growth students demonstrate compared to their own achievement earlier in the year.  It is important for students to be part of these conversations. Below are some suggestions to help your child reflect on their during learning conferences and throughout the year:

  • Ask your child to explain what his or her goal is for their learning? For example: What is your goal for your writing? How will he or she know they’ve been successful? 
  • Ask your child to explain the criteria for their assignments. We know that students can be very successful if they understand the target they are aiming for. If neither you or your child understand the criteria, contact your child’s teacher 
  • Be specific when giving your child feedback. Using the criteria as a guide, tell him what he did well and suggest improvements that are related to his or her goals.
  • Read your child’s work out loud or have your child read his/her work to you.

Wishing everyone in our community a happy and healthy spring!

Lori Holford

Principal, Edgemont School

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