March 2024 EYP Article

February 28, 2024

The Influence of My Brother

By Kinsey C., a volunteer with the Edgemont Youth Press

My life would be completely different without my older brother as I would have no one to support me, help me, and understand what I am going through. Having an older brother is a big advantage for me because he understands me and knows exactly how to help me. Everything I have to go through, he had to go through too! Even though you might not think he understands all the challenges I’m going through, he does, and not only tells me ‘to deal with it’ but also helps me conquer them. For example, I had a hard science project that I was freaking out about, but then my brother came and we completed the project within an hour! My brother never blames me because he knows he has also made those mistakes before. I remember doing my math homework and getting something very easy wrong, when I thought my brother would be mad at me, but instead, he said that it was ok because he also made those mistakes when he was younger. This just shows how my older brother is very supportive and understanding.

My brother understands my emotions and limits, for he always knows when to help out. This is because he has also gone through these emotions and knows how to best overcome them. One time, I was very frustrated because my friend did not do his work, but then my brother told me that there is always going to be someone like him and that I need to prepare for those situations. He always knows my boundaries better than others because he also had these experiences once. He is always so supportive and tries his best to keep me cheerful and happy. Whenever I am sad, he will take me out for a walk, or play a game with me! 

Older brothers always have more experience. Since my brother has gone through many of the same things I’m going through now, he has already developed strategies to get through the difficulties. This means that he can help me learn better by teaching me tricks he had once used. Just a few days ago, I was learning a new math theory when my brother taught me a very useful shortcut. Sometimes, I think of my brother as an older and wiser version of me. Everytime I propose an idea, he proposes a better idea and challenges me to become even better! Whenever I go through a really bad week or a very painful class, knowing that he had to go through the same things helps me push through these hard times. This expresses just how important my brother is and how he always tries to bring the best out of me.

My brother has had an immense impact on me in many ways. Without him helping me, supporting me, and challenging me, I would be a completely different person. Older siblings have a big impact on what you do and I hope you get to appreciate your siblings as much as I do.