How can we support the students that have fallen behind for the next school year?

February 22, 2021

By Erika Odney, Edgemont Youth Press

July 25, 2020

Though students and teachers have endured months of online learning to finish off the school year, there is a probable chance students will be returning to school in September. With lack of hands-on help from teachers due to this global pandemic, many students have fallen behind and parents are wondering, what now?

It has been shown that most parents or guardians are struggling to help their children because of the seemingly new teaching methods, confusing technology, and having their own jobs and responsibilities to tend to. Therefore, without much hands-on help, especially for kids with learning disabilities, students have fallen behind on more than half of the year’s work. Many parents are frustrated and concerned about how their child will meet learning expectations in the coming year. 

With minimal guidance from the province or teachers, strategies must be found. Some include:

  1. Tutorial Support which includes accessible detailed videos and instruction regarding assignments.
  2. Condensing Content to grade expectation, curriculum meeting content only in the event that online learning must resume again. This also includes making it easily accessible to parents as well.
  3. Extended Deadlines to allow students that are behind to catch up, and to allow for students to adapt to becoming more accountable again.
  4. Free or affordable tutoring for those who have fallen behind, and with many jobs lost, this kind of support may be essential at a cost efficient level.
  5. Everyone provides emotional support and patience as children might be coming back to a new environment.

Isolation has been a struggle for everyone. As we reemerge from that, support and kindness for everyone will be the most required.