October 2023 ELM Report

September 5, 2023

ELM REPORT – October 2023 NEWSLETTER August 31, 2023

A severe thunderstorm moved over the Edgemont area during the early hours of August 31st,
bringing some desperately needed rain to our green spaces, flower beds and planters. In light of
the level one water restrictions that came into effect on August 15th, we are especially grateful
for the rain. Currently, like all Edgemont residents, we are allowed to water the planters and
flower beds using a hose with a shut-off which we actually have been doing all along. For details
on what you can and cannot do water wise, please check the city website using the link below:


Fortunately, the current restrictions have still allowed us to do some watering, keeping the
planter and flower beds looking very nice with different plants coming into their own as time
progresses. Our ELM coordinator, together with Foothills Landscaping will be keeping a close
eye on the weather conditions as fall approaches, with the objective of keeping flowers in our
planters as long as possible. ELM will be trying something new this year by inviting Edgemont
residents to cut flowers in the flower beds and planters the day before we have to clean them
out, but not a day sooner than that! Understandably, we cannot publish an exact date in the
newsletter at this point; however, please check the ECA website for the exact date when cold
weather conditions in the fall will be forcing us to pull the plants from the planters.

As you are cleaning up your yard this fall and decide that certain perennials need to be split
next spring or if you are ready to replace certain perennials with something different, please
remember that ELM would very much appreciate donations of perennials in the spring,
specifically, during the last week of May just before the annuals are planted. If you are
interested in donating perennials, please contact us using the following email address:
[email protected]

As we are expecting temperatures in the twenties again the next couple of days, it is hard to
think of winter displays. However, we are already talking to Edenscapes regarding the winter
displays and our objective is to have more spruce in our planters this coming winter with the
expectation that the displays will tolerate the very variable weather conditions of Edgemont
winters better and stay greener longer. Something to look forward to!

Any concerns or questions regarding maintenance and who should do what, city or ELM, please
contact us at and we will be very happy to respond to your concerns.

Kathleen Stewart, Rick Wierzbicki, Shari Pitka